Havanese Puppies

We have Havanese puppies!!!

 We will be busy, but if you would like to reserve one, please contact us. They are going fast.  

Anna and Dunkin pups born Dec 31, 2017

females and males

Choc female 2 Sold to Kelly

Choc female 3

Black female 4

Choc male 6 sold to Diana

Choc male 7

Nafisa & Dunkin pups born

Dec 29, 2017

5 females and 2 males 

Choc female 8

Black female 9

Choc female 10-1

Black female 11

Black female 12 sold to John

Black male 13 *SOLD* to Julie

Choc male 14




See adults page for parents pics


havanese photo





 Links to videos of past puppies (all sold now)   http://youtu.be/785zYhI6Z0Q  http://youtu.be/RYrgGTJG4y0